The Millermatic 35 Welder and Other Machines from Miller

Miller is one of the world’s largest maker of welding equipment. Their products are trusted all over the world for its quality and dependability. The company could trace its roots in the 1920s when it started as a single person business for selling welding essentials. It showed its innovative side early on when it marketed a welding machine that could operate on the kind of electrical supply available in rural America back then. Today the company still continues to lead the world in innovation. It has a highly dedicated workforce that creates record outputs in the fastest time possible. They also deliver quite well when it comes to after sales support.

One excellent example of the high quality of Miller products is the old Millermatic 35 welder. This is a very heavy duty welder that operated on 208/230 volts and has an amperage of 26.5/24. It was a very popular welding machine a few decades ago and you will still see a lot of them being used today. There are many Millermatic 35 Welders being sold online today and they still carry the respect that they commanded when they first came out. That is the kind of quality that you can get from Miller welders. Today the products that they have still have that same level of dependability that made the Millermatic 35 Welder a welding icon.

Here are some of the new welders that you can get from Miller

Diversion Series- The Diversion series from Miller is designed for those who want reliable tool for personal projects. This is well suited for light projects that will not require too much power. Projects in automative, motor sports, aviation, and furniture making can be taken care of by the welders from this series. The Diversion 165 is built with all the things that you will be needing n your welder and nothing more. The best thing about this series is that they are really affordable.

Dynasty Series- If you have some serious welding ahead of you then you better use the welders from the Dynasty series. These have fast travel speeds, high level of control, and very energy efficient. Dynasty Series welders can be used in manufacturing, fabrication, repair, and maintenance jobs.The Dynasty 200 provides superior control while reaching for high production output and maintaining a high level of quality on all welds. This welder is capable of welding up ΒΌ” thick aluminum sheets. There are also additional accessories that could make the Dynasty welders even more efficient. Tools like wireless remote controls can be used to add speed in doing all sorts of work. It has a compact design too that make them easy to fit in any setting.

Maxstar Series TIG Welders- The Maxstar is a lightweight TIG welder that you can carry anywhere and lug directly to any outlet without using additional tools to make them work. Use this to set new standards in your welding works. It has very compact designs too that makes it easy to place them anywhere in your work area.