So how much do Welders on a Pipeline Make?

Choosing a career is as important a decision as anyone would ever make in his lifetime. Due to the considerable effect that it would have on the future, it is certainly crucial and should be made with the utmost consideration and circumspection. After all, it is not only your future, but also those of your family and whoever else might be depending on you that are at stake. It is a single decision that can impact one’s whole life, so it doesn’t really get any bigger than that. And it should be noted, particularly by those who at the point where they are making that all important decision, that many have the wrong decision and have regretted it for the rest of their lives. Of course there are equally many, or perhaps even more, who have made the right choice and eventually reaped the fruits of their decision and success. But a little cautionary tale or two certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Welding as a Career and How Much Welders Make

One good choice for a career is welding. I mention that it is a good choice because I have always been quite partial to careers that are based on real skills, especially practical ones. And when it comes to being practical, there are few that are more so than welding. If you are a skilled welder, even if you are not trying to make a career out of it, you can do a lot of things around your home or elsewhere. You’d practically be a handyman that can fix most of the things that are based on metal, especially if you have the necessary welding equipment that is demanded by the job.

If you’ve wondering what welders make, specifically how much do welders on a pipeline make, it actually depends on the kind of job that’s done. And of course, the experience also counts a lot. The average salary of welders, according to, is $37,000.00. That figure is basically similar to the one shown by, which is $36,000.00 (both figures are from 2008). The starting median hourly wage is at $13.00, with those who have at least five years of experience earn $15.50/hour. Self employed welders make about $18.00 to $20.00, while those employed by the federal government for projects such hospitals, or a university make something in the range of $20.00. The most experienced welders who are open to traveling abroad and working on pipelines can earn up to $25.00.